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Sample Media Questions

1.    You don’t sound too keen on the automatic high school to college trend, what do you recommend to your clients planning for their kids’ education? (Answer 1-5min).
2.    You are a guest speaker at teaching hospitals nationwide, advising residents with $200k-$400k of Student Loans at high interest rates, what should they do? (Answer 1-3min).
3.    How do “Boomerang Kids” affect the economy? (Answer 1-2mins).
4.    In the world of money, is Ego a good thing or a bad thing? (Answer 1min).
5.    You love networking, how does a young professional get started? (Answer 1-2mins).
6.    I’m a Millennial and just landed my first real job, financially what should I do? (Answer 30sec to 2min).
7.    The financial services industry is littered with countless designations and titles, how should the average consumer pick their advisor? (Answer 1-3mins).
8.    Is it still possible for individual investors to play the stock market? (Answer 1min).
9.    How can a company recruit and retain quality Millennials? (Answer 1min).
10.    You mention the “Authenticity Paradox”, how can Millennials take advantage of this concept (Answer 1-2mins).
11.    “Millennial Millionaire” talks about interfamily wealth disappearing over generations, to what do you credit this fall from grace? (Answer 30secs-2mins).
12.    What are the Top 3 Excuses why Americans don’t financial plan? (Answer 1-5mins).
13.    What separates a Rich client and Wealthy client? (Answer 30secs).
14.    You attribute success to salesmanship in any form of work, why? (Answer 1-3mins).
15.    You discuss rapidly increasing population in the Closing, is that an opportunity or threat? (Answer 1-3mins).
16.    How can a fan purchase your book? (Answer 30secs).
17.    Why is the book all white? (Answer 30secs).

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Millennial Millionaire

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